Our comprehensive early literacy program includes story hour and parent education on school readiness, with the capstone program being scholarships to high-quality preschool programs. Our goal is for children from Huntington Green to enter school prepared for success and to decrease the readiness gap that often leads to grade retention and dropping out. Our children attend five-day preschool programs through these local partnerships and are receiving solid foundations!

Caterpillar Ministries’ tutors are a gift to the the students at Blythe!
— Leora Itzhaki, Principal, Blythe Elementary School

Elementary school tutoring takes place for children grades 1-­5 two days per week at Blythe Elementary School. Volunteers help kids by focusing on basic skills like reading and math. Kids are provided with a snack and transportation home after the tutoring sessions.

Middle and high school tutoring takes place at Dad’s House after school two nights per week.  About 45 students from Huntington Green receive a snack, computer access and help with homework, studying, and projects each week. We also assist students and their families who are English Language Learners in the public school system through advocacy and additional support. 

Summer Tutoring helps to bridge the gap and combat learning loss during the summer months for students in grades 1-­5.