10 Years of Faith & Friendship.


Dear Caterpillar family,

God has blown me away. Over the last 10 years, so many seeds have been planted, and in 2017, we saw God raise plants from those seeds. We see plants sticking up through the hard soil. It has been a year of encouragement and hope for our neighbors’ future!

As you read through this report, please remember that this is YOUR report, too. Nothing would be happening here in Huntington Green without all of us pulling together. Your volunteer hearts, your financial gifts, and your prayers are the foundation of this ministry. We are so thankful for you!

God has given us such a gift by bringing us all together to carry out His plans in Huntington Green. We still  have a ways to go— we face challenges in the areas of addictions, housing and employment. We have lots of people who need opportunities to join us in following Jesus. Let’s keep seeking Jesus together as He leads us in this adventure. I am so looking forward to what God will do in 2018 and beyond!


Anne Crawford

Ministry Founder & Director


2017 was a year of tremendous growth; our rosters, program offerings and budget all grew! We also experienced spiritual growth and tremendous acts of courage and faith. .



  • Our expansion into adult services, and the staff person to direct adult services
  • A much needed 3rd van to transport our neighbors!
  • Crisis assistance for one of our families when they lost everything in a house fire in December. Clothing, cards of encouragement, prayer, gift cards, texts, new shoes— it was so generous. As a staff, we’ve been overwhelmed by the tangible hope you’ve provided for our neighbors on their worst days. This specific mother wrote, “Thanks to God, we are okay. Thanks to you all for helping me. Thanks be to God.”
  • Camp sponsorships for every one of our kids who signed up for the Youth Retreat! One of our youth leaders summarized the retreat by writing: “Every kid braved the zipline, tried some archery, and felt God moving and shaking. ‘This was the best weekend of my life’ probably wins the quote of the weekend.” Thank you, friends.
  • Summer internship opportunities for college students AND youth from the neighborhood!
  • A presence of unconditional love and friendship in Huntington Green. Your generosity makes Caterpillar possible.







weekly programs


Answered prayers




Thanks to the immense generosity of individuals, churches, local organizations and businesses, God met our every need with abundance in 2017. 

We had a total income of $246,068 in 2017-- far exceeding our hopes! Thank you. We spent just over $222,000 in our efforts to be good stewards of every gift. Full financials are available upon request.

Our income breakdown in 2017 was:

  • 49% Individuals
  • 32% Church donations
  • 9% Organization grants
  • 8% Businesses
  • 2% Other

The majority of our spending went directly to program expenses.


some of the many caterpillar faces!


New LIFE! 



We had the immense privilege of celebrating BAPTISM together this summer in the background of our ministry trailer! One of our longtime friends, Tonja, and her daughter, Nicolette, chose to be baptized to mark their decision of faith.

It was such a special day together as the Caterpillar family. We've known Tonja and Nicolette for a long time, and through the many ups and downs of life, we've been together. To celebrate their acceptance of new life in Jesus was the highlight of our summer!

God never gives up on us! He is endlessly pursuing us, tirelessly loving us. We wander and stray, and He promises: still I will make a way!

God made a way for Tonja. God made a way for Nicolette.

God is making a way for YOU! Come experience new life and hope in Jesus.


Invest in neighbors, invest in hope.