We love our little Caterpillars ...



Our comprehensive early childhood program includes home visits, child care during adult programs, and parent education on school readiness, with the capstone program being scholarships to high-quality bilingual preschool programs. Our goal is for children from Huntington Green to enter school prepared for success and to decrease the readiness gap that often leads to grade retention and dropping out. Our children attend five-day preschool programs through these local partnerships and are receiving solid foundations!

After school, this fun little crew gathers each week at Kids Club for lots of fun games, singing, crafts, and to learn about the big big God who loves them so much.



During the summer, our kids are divided into small groups for summer camp. Each group meets during the summer months for special field trips and a devotional time. Field trips are designed to expose children to fun and cultural activities they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Summer camps keep our Caterpillars engaged in positive and educational activities during the summer months while school is not in session and allow volunteers to invest in them, teaching them through example about Christ's love for them. Lunch and transportation are provided to campers each day. It's a blast!


Each Caterpillar kid has an assigned day of the week when they get to come to their after school program. Each program day involves:

  • academic enrichment in either one-on-one or small group settings to reinforce math and literacy skills
  • a yummy snack (and yes, the occasional cookie)
  • Kids Club where we play games and learn about who God is and how that changes everything
  • lots of love, and some silliness

Want to get involved with our Caterpillars? We'd love to have you! There's a spot for you here — whether tutoring a second-grader in math, bringing a healthy snack one afternoon, leading a game about Jonah, or sitting with a child who needs a little extra attention.