We seek to share the love of Christ with our neighbors in all we do, but our primary faith formation programs are Kids Bible Club and our small groups.


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Kids Bible Club is designed for children in preschool through 3rd grade. This program meets weekly for games, crafts and a Bible lesson. Volunteers lead the children through these activities in small groups allowing the kids and volunteers to form relationships. Approximately 40 children from Huntington Green attend Kids Bible Club each week!


Small groups, sometimes called life groups, are a core part of our ministry. These are carved out spaces for a smaller setting where students and women are able to form friendships with each other, with leaders and mentors, and learn about Jesus while sharing life together. Girls in 4th and 5th grade form our Girls Club, boys in 4th and 5th grade form the Warriors Club. Middle school girls, middle school boys, high school girls, and high school boys each enjoy their own life group time weekly. Young ladies in the neighborhood meet for a time of community weekly, and women from the neighborhood have a Bible study together, as well.

4th and 5th Grade Girls' Group

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Girls in 4th and 5th grade meet weekly as a small group led by Caterpillar volunteers during the school year.  Girls play games, eat a snack, do crafts, have prayer and devotion time, share what is going on in each other's lives and have lots of fun each week.  Monthly field trips allow the girls to experience fun local activities, bond with each other and with the mentors who lead the group. 

4th and 5th Grade Warriors' Club

Boys in grades 4-5 meet with Caterpillar volunteers weekly during the school year.  Boys learn about great men of the Bible, eat, play games and do activities.  Field trips to local venues are taken regularly and special guests are often invited to teach the boys a new skill or expose them to something new.  Male volunteers are always needed to provide role models for these young warriors and serve as godly examples for them. 

Middle School Boys Life Group

Soccer, fishing, pizza, Biblical manhood, and lots of fun. The middle school boys meet each week to share life and explore what it means to be a young man who is following Christ. The boys are eager to learn from their leaders and we're thankful to have two wise, godly men leading this group.

Middle School Girls Life Group

Middle school girls meet every week to talk about faith with good friends and leaders who love them and Jesus. The girls enjoy times of fun activities, crafts, and devotion time. These girls have been together as a group for many years and love their girl time. It's a joy to see the girls exploring who Jesus is as they figure out who they want to be as young women!

High School Boys Life Group

Our group of high school guys take their life group very seriously. These young men gather and crave time in the Word together, talking about what is written and what does that mean for us as we follow Jesus. Conversations about manhood, obeying God, living a Christian life, high school drama, music, and relationships happen over wings, hot dogs, and lots of pizza. We're proud of these young men and what God is doing in their lives!

High School Girls Life Group


Our high school girls come together on each week for a sweet time of crafting, cooking, and talking-- about boys, family, school, life after college, and what God says about it all.  We make crafts that remind us of God's promises, such as book marks with Bible verses on them for when we need reminders of His Word. The girls close their time each week by praying over each other.

Young Adult Ladies Group

Older teens and young moms in their 20s meet one morning each week for life skills' lessons like art or cooking, as well as Bible study, devotion and discussion time.  Childcare is provided on-site for these young women and volunteers are always needed to come teach a lesson, share a crafting idea, or life skill that could benefit these young women.  Our goal is to give young ladies a healthy, creative outlet, assistance with parenting issues, spiritual guidance and a group of trusted friends to go through life with.  We hope that the skills learned here will encourage them and build their confidence to re-enter the workforce, finish school, and work toward achieving their life goals.  GED classes are offered to participating women as they express interest.

Women's Bible Study

Women from Huntington Green gather each week for a time of talking about who God is and how He loves us. These ladies share their highs and lows from the week and commit to praying for each other and the community. Some of these women have known the Lord for many years, and some are still deciding whether they want to follow Jesus. We love being on the journey with them!