Success Stories

We serve a good God who is abundantly faithful. Here are some victory stories:


1. The Caterpillar family: a mama's letter.


We received this letter from a neighborhood mama before our 10 year anniversary:

“We want to thank you, Caterpillar Ministries, for the support you have provided to the Huntington Green community; you have been a light of hope and faith for us and all the people of the community… they have been at my side in the good moments of my life; and also in the hard times; always praying for the wellbeing of my family and all of us here in the community. And I believe that your prayers and the great support received have paid off by becoming part of my family; for my children, you all are their second family; and Dad’s House their second home.

You all have taught us to keep the faith and the hope. You all have put a smile on the face of my children and on mine; when Christmas comes and they have a gift under the tree. When school starts and they have the tools to start a new school year; and I’m not just referring to the school supplies but also to the seed that you all plant in each child; the most important; the faith in themselves…They are 10 years of accumulated smiles and surprises; that a card would not be sufficient to thank you all for all the support; the care toward my children and toward me. Thank you with all my heart, Caterpillar Ministries, for all the care, the support, and the blessings that we have received from you all.”

“For my children, you all are their second family...”

— Dora, a Caterpillar mother


2. A Davidson College Wildcat: Elizabeth!


“Caterpillar Ministries shares the word of God and his love with my community. Caterpillar has opened so many doors for the young children and parents here. When I first began attending their high school support sessions, I expected people helping me to understand my work, I did not expect everyone to care for my future once I graduate. I will forever be grateful, as Caterpillar members are the most caring people to ever cross my path.”


Elizabeth was accepted to Davidson College on a full-ride QuestBridge scholarship in 2017. She will be a Davidson Wildcat: Class of 2022. We’re so, so proud of her! So many of you loved, prayed for, and supported Elizabeth to get to this point… thank you! She is brilliant, resilient, kind and faithful. We love being part of her life!


3. God’s Word is for each of us! Brian loves his Bible.


We encourage our kids to read once they finish their homework at tutoring. One afternoon, Miss Cherri looked over to see that Brian had brought his own book to read: the Bible!

He proudly pulled his Bible out from his backpack and sat there in the library reading with great focus. We love seeing our little Caterpillars understand that God’s word is for THEM!