Caterpillar Ministries offers a Weekly Summer Camp, as well as special camps, such as our Soccer Camp and Tournament, during the summer months. It's a busy but fun season for our Caterpillars! And of course, we have the occasional pool party!


Children from Huntington Green are divided into small groups for summer camp. Each group meets one day each week during the summer months for a special field trip and/or devotional time. Field trips are designed to expose children to fun and cultural activities they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience. Summer camps keep them engaged in positive and educational activities during the summer months while school is not in session and allow volunteers to invest in them, teaching them through example about Christ's love for them. Lunch and transportation are provided to campers each day.


As part of a collaboration between Caterpillar Ministries, Lake Forest Church, and Catawba Presbyterian Church, we were able to offer our first annual Soccer Camp and Tournament in July 2015. With over 100 children and students participating, the camp and tournament were a huge community success! We offered camp days followed by a tournament that included a family cookout. The community turnout has been amazing on our tournament day each year. We look forward to the future of this program!

oh, and those pool parties!