Caterpillar Spotlight: Interns

We are so blessed to have four interns this summer: Diana, Abby, Vicky and Ricky! Each intern has been volunteering at Caterpillar throughout this past year, and we are grateful for their leadership and involvement. Thank you to funding from the Pennisula Community Foundation and donations from our incredible financial donors for making the internships a possibility!  GET TO KNOW THE CATERPILLAR INTERNS: Abby: A rising high school junior at Hopewell is still exploring future plans and options. She enjoys working with the kids and spending time with them on field trips and during tutoring and hopes the kids learn from her that it's always important to be a good example especially when someone else isn't behaving like they should. Abby says her Caterpillar internship has taught her to "take responsibility for my actions and to manage my time well to finish things in a set time." 

Diana: Another rising Hopewell junior, Diana hopes to study business, but is not sure where she wants to attend college... yet! Diana's goal is for the kids to know that no matter their circumstances they CAN go to college. During her time as a Caterpillar intern, she has learned that God knows what he's doing with each person, that everyone has a path that God guides them through and that for her, "being an intern is part of God's path for her future." Vicky: Our youngest intern! Vicky is preparing to enter the 10th grade at Hopewell this fall. While she still has a few years before graduation,  Vicky would like to be a therapist for kids and hopes to "help them navigate life". Her goal is to attend UNCC or App State. Vicky has learned working with the Caterpillar kids to "always have a good heart and help people when they need it... and that you need to have patience because not everyone learns the same!" Ricky : A CPCC student pursuing a teaching degree, Ricky has been volunteering with Caterpillar's middle/high school tutoring program throughout this year. He loves to ask our kids questions and is passionate about building relationships with each and every child he interacts with. He says one of the highlights of his internship is having the opportunity to help the kids learn, build their skills and excel in their homework. 

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