Eager for Jesus

At Kids Club one afternoon, a second-grade boy told Ms. Cherri his mama wanted him to learn about the Bible. “I didn’t even know God had a son!” The boy elaborated, saying he wanted to catch up to what his peers knew about Jesus.

In typical positive Ms. Cherri fashion, her response was an upbeat, “Absolutely! Now you know, buddy!"

Ms. Cherri encourages the students, as they read stories from the Bible together during Kids Club. They pause, ask questions and talk about how they might see themselves in the stories. Sometimes she challenges them to find another passage of scripture in the Bible. And they help one another, or a volunteer jumps in to help. Affirmations, prompting and patience help build confidence and self-esteem in our little Caterpillars. Soon, some children are raising their hands because they are eager to read the passage aloud.

That afternoon, by the end of Kids Club, as the children were closing their Bibles, this young boy was able to look up a scripture (chapter and verse) before he left.

“He’s smart, and he’s eager to learn. We see God turning the light on in their hearts and minds every day,” says Ms. Cherri.

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