New Seasons to Come

The neighborhood of Huntington Green has evolved greatly since 2007. We have seen firsthand the greatness of God in so many ways and He continues to accomplish His plans in and through people as the community grows! We have witnessed children learning, achieving and graduating as Caterpillar has developed. Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen how God has brought forth funds and volunteers to help us expand programs to parents, allowing both literacy and Bible study to be valued as family units.

God gets the glory! Only He can ignite young hearts to fall in love

with stories about Abraham, Daniel, Moses and more. The strength of our

Tutoring Program and the volunteers who commit their time are His provision.

Bringing teens off the streets for Youth Bible Study and pouring His

favor and guidance into their adolescent searching is His greatness.

We praise God for the extremely high June 2019 graduation rate

of the seniors in our programs (up from very low in 2006)!

With growth comes opportunity. Caterpillar stewards our resources and staff strategically to maintain our legacy of leading others to Jesus unconditionally. We believe the success of any ministry is only possible through vision, prayer and obedience. As the founder of a ministry that began with reading Bible stories to children and has transformed into serving entire families, Anne Crawford brought Sarah Fortner on board in 2017 to help her with office details, systems and planning. The weight of these “business duties” taken off Anne’s shoulders has been tremendous and enabled Anne to pray and seek God’s will moving forward.

This summer brings more transition and a gateway for Caterpillar to expand upon its rich heritage of ministry in Huntington Green even further. Anne is shifting her focus and spending less time on the day-to-day tasks at Dad’s House, while Sarah directs the staff, volunteers and programs with detailed strategies and systems in place. While still offering guidance, oversight and vision going forward, Anne is returning more fully to her passion for shepherding our neighbors. She is embracing a three-day workweek and prayerfully directing her attention to a new project as well... a new housing pilot program she is working on!

Sarah, in her role as Executive Director for the past two years, continues to lead Caterpillar Ministries. Sarah oversees a dedicated team of full and part-time staff. Her objective in streamlining processes and making things at Dad’s House more efficient is so our staff/directors — Cherri (children), Maria (preschool), Aileen (youth) and Pat (tutoring) — can focus on engaging with our children and teaching God’s Word and the love of Jesus. Under Sarah’s leadership, our summer programs have been running smoothly and the staff is ready to put programs and volunteers in place for the Fall. Sarah is also helping find new technology/tools to keep Caterpillar running as a responsible community nonprofit.

We welcome any questions you may have and would love to talk or meet with you in person. People and relationships are essential in Kingdom work; your faithfulness and steadfast commitment has enabled us to remain the hands and feet of Christ in the neighborhood. We are excited and honored to continue to count you as treasured partners in this purposeful mission set forth by God.

It has been, and always will be, a true joy to join Him in His story in Huntington Green!

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