Sliding into Summer

Temps are warming up, and excitement is ahead. Are your children, or grandchildren, getting ready for the last day of school? Typically, summer means "no" to studying and "yes" to days of endless outdoor adventure and fun with friends at the pool. Popsicles are in the freezer for the ready on really hot days. And, at least one week is spent away from home at grandmas or at sleep-away camp.

Unfortunately, for most children and teens in Huntington Green this isn't the reality. Many parents work outside the home, and students spend a bunch of time in front of the television ... or just being bored. Here are some statistics from the National Center for Education:

  • The average student loses one to three months of learning over the summer.

  • In the summer after kindergarten, 83 percent of children from low-income households do not have regular care arrangements.

  • Only 13 percent of students from low-income households attend summer camp.

When days heat up, air-conditioners don't work and splashing in a pool is just a dream, children can lose hope and get into arguments with their friends or siblings. They most likely aren't going to pick up a book.

But ... SUMMER CAMP at Caterpillar is fun-ucational, and it's good for their minds, bodies and spirits! There's arts & crafts, Bible study, games, swimming, field trips and more. The children are fed a nutritious lunch, and there's always plenty of ice pops.

Will you sponsor a child this summer?

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