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Overcoming Financial Obstacles
Growing in Faith
Creating Art
Birthed out of our Job Workshop program, Artistic Freedom consists of women from the Huntington Green neighborhood who are helping their families by making and selling items. 
Check out some of our favorite items in the shop right now and click to learn more or purchase!
By purchasing from Artistic Freedom, you are not only acquiring a lovely piece of art for your home or office, but you are also giving someone a hand up. Your hand up may be helping someone by giving them freedom from financial worries, freedom from an illness or even freedom from indignity.
Each day that our artisans get together is a day that they put one foot forward. Through the gifts that God has given them, they learn that their lives are worth something. They learn that they have friends in the world that care about their well being and through God's grace they are empowered to take ownership of their lives and gain the freedom they are yearning for - overcoming financial, physical and emotional obstacles. 
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